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Wheat Ridge Energy Audit - GB3 Energy Smart Homes

Most buildings in Wheat Ridge can be more comfortable, healthy, and efficient, but where is the best place to start? The GB3 Energy Audit provides you with objective analysis to answer that question for your property in Wheat Ridge.

We take pride in our work and treat your home or building and its challenges like our own. All of our auditors are certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and have extensive experience assessing building performance. Our goal is to provide you with objective data and cost-effective solutions so that you can make decisions about improving the comfort, health and energy efficiency of your home or business in Wheat Ridge.

The cost for the Energy Audit is $600, after Xcel Energy rebate.

The GB3 audit provides a detailed and objective evaluation of your home or office in Wheat Ridge and typically takes 4 hours to complete. It includes:

  1. Utility Bill Analysis
    We request one year of your Wheat Ridge property’s utility bill information from your utility provider before we arrive for your audit. This hard data gives us a baseline for your building's current performance and energy consumption.
  2. Interview and Tour
    The first step with all of our clients is to learn about their building. When we arrive at your Wheat Ridge building we will ask you about your building’s performance, problem areas, current utility bills, future plans for the building, and building performance topics you want to learn more about.
  3. Mechanical and Safety Assessment
    GB3 conducts a thorough review of your building’s mechanical equipment, including heating, cooling, hot water, cooking and ventilation systems. In addition, we perform a carbon monoxide and combustion zone test to ensure that all equipment is operating safely
  4. Lights and Appliance Assessment
    We take note of your lights and major appliances in order to provide you with energy savings recommendations.
  5. Blower Door/Air Leakage Testing
    The blower door is one of our most powerful tools. It allows us to locate and quantify air leakage. Reducing air leakage is one of the most effective ways to improve your building’s energy efficiency.
  6. Insulation Inspection
    Our audit includes an inspection and evaluation of your Wheat Ridge building’s current insulation levels in walls, attics, vaults, cantilevers, basements, crawlspaces, and anywhere else insulation should be. We make sure insulation is installed correctly and has a proper air barrier covering.
  7. Infra-red Imaging
    Using one of the latest infra-red cameras designed for building energy testing, we can literally “see” the thermal difference caused by air movement and missing insulation. Our infra-red camera allows us to identify problem areas no other test can determine..
  8. Window and Door Assessment
    GB3 will assess the efficiency of your existing doors and windows and make appropriate recommendations from simple weatherization to complete replacement.
  9. Pressure Diagnostic Testing
    Forced air systems often pressurize some rooms and depressurize others. This pressure imbalance can literally drive air into and out of the home. GB3 uses sophisticated manometers to locate and quantify any problem areas.
  10. Duct Leakage Assessment
    In many buildings in Wheat Ridge, leaks in the duct systems can loose up to 30% of all conditioned air! GB3 tests all ducts to locate and quantify any problems in your system.
  11. Gas Leak Identification
    Many gas pipes develop leaks over time. GB3 uses a sophisticated gas "sniffer" to locate any problem pipes.
  12. Lead Paint Testing (Only in Pre 1978 Homes and Buildings)
    Lead was a common paint additive before 1978 and is very toxic, especially for children. GB3 is an EPA Approved Lead Remediation Contractor and will test for lead if any retrofit work will disturb paint
  13. Owner Education
    Once all testing is complete, our auditor will tour your Wheat Ridge building and review any findings with you.

Home Performance ReportInfrared Max
After we have conducted the audit, you will receive a comprehensive Home Performance Report within five business days. The report will contain a complete analysis of the relevant tests conducted in your home, a prioritized list of improvement recommendations, and a bid for completing all work.

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